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Round 2: The Voting Round

And now it's time to vote. Please look through the list carefully and take your time and vote honestly. If you're not familiar with or didn't listen to a release listed here please do not vote for or against it, leave it at the default of "no opinion."

Voting will take place until the end of January. Results will be posted in February.

Please be respectful of no deposit bonus codes australia staff and the community - take your time and read _ALL_ the nominees

This is not a popularity contest nor a place to trash someone you don't like once again, don't vote for something you didn't listen to or an artist you don't like to begin with!. Brainwashed is a tiny group of volunteers writing for peers and we would like to keep things as pure as we can.

If acts or labels are found soliciting votes on their blogs, Web sites, or social media, they will not only be removed & disqualified but they also stand a chance of never being featured on Brainwashed again.

VOTE ONLY ONCE (unless you want the system to discard your _entire_ ballot!!)

Thanks for your time and honesty.

and the nominees are:

artist title format rating
310 The Frosty Bardum Affair single/EP
808 State Deepville single/EP
808 State Invader single/EP
808 State Newbuild full-length
A Minor Forest So, They Were in Some Sort of Fight? full-length
Accelera Deck 7EP single/EP
Achim Wollscheid Airs full-length
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Pataphisical Freak Out Mu!! full-length
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Wild Gals A-Go-Go full-length
Add N to (X) Avant Hard full-length
Add N to (X) Metal Fingers in My Body single/EP
Add N to (X) Revenge of the Black Regent single/EP
Add N To (X) / Andy Votel Live 1940/Canter single/EP
Adlib Adlib single/EP
Adrian Crowley A Strange Kind full-length
ADULT. Entertainment single/EP
Aerial M Post Global Music full-length
Agalloch Pale Folklore full-length
Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Converge The Poacher Diaries full-length
Ahava Raba Kete Kuf full-length
Aki Tsuyuko Ongakushitsu full-length
Al Jabr (Richard H. Kirk) One Million and Three full-length
Alec Empire Alec Empire Vs. Elvis Presley full-length
Alec Empire Miss Black America full-length
Alexandre St-Onge Image-Négation full-length
Alva Noto Time..Dot single/EP
Ambarchi* / Avenaim* The Alter Rebbe's Nigun full-length
AMM / Merzbow Split Series #4 single/EP
Andrea Parker Kiss My Arp full-length
Andrea Parker Kiss My Arp (instrumental) full-length
Andrea Parker The Unknown single/EP
Andreas Martin & Christoph Heemann Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen full-length
Andrew Chalk Over the Edges full-length
Andrew Coleman Blame It On Adam single/EP
Andri Sn?r Og Múm Flugmaeur single/EP
Anima-Sound Musik Für Alle full-length
Annexus Quam Osmose full-length
Anthony Child & Andrew Read / Speedranch^Jansky Noise Split Series #6 single/EP
Anubian Lights With Nik Turner Live full-length
Aphex Twin Windowlicker single/EP
Appendix Out Daylight Saving full-length
Appliance Manual full-length
Aquasky Bodyshock full-length
Aranos Every Bright Body Gleams Green full-length
Aranos Making Love In Small Spaces full-length
Arling & Cameron Music For Imaginary Films full-length
Arovane Occer/Silicad single/EP
Arovane Untitled single/EP
Arto Lindsay Prize full-length
Arvo P?rt Alina full-length
Asmus Tietchens Glimmen full-length
Asmus Tietchens Von Mund Zu Mund single/EP
Asmus Tietchens / Robert Rutman Schritt Um Schritt / Buzz Off single/EP
Atari Teenage Riot 60 Second Wipe Out full-length
Aube 108 full-length
Aube Ricochetentrance full-length
Aube Shade-Away full-length
Aube Suppression Disorder full-length
Aube & Telepherique R-S+C full-length
Aube & Zbignew Karkowski Mutation full-length
Autechre EP7 single/EP
Ayers/Everall/Harris Mesmeric Enabling Device full-length
B. Fleischmann Pop Loops For Breakfast full-length
Bardo Pond Set and Setting full-length
Barry Adamson The Murky World Of Barry Adamson full-length
Bass Communion Atmospherics full-length
Bass Communion Bass Communion (II) full-length
Bass Communion v Muslimgauze Bass Communion V Muslimgauze full-length
Bauhaus Gotham full-length
Beequeen Do Be Do (A Live Anthology) boxed set
Best Boy Electric Songs of Latitude and Longitude full-length
Bill Laswell Hashisheen : The End Of Law full-length
Bill Laswell Invisible Design full-length
Binary System From the Epicenter full-length
Biosphere Biosystems - The Biosphere Remixes full-length
Black Lung The Great Architect full-length
Black Tambourine Complete Recordings full-length
Boards of Canada Peel Session single/EP
Bobby Conn Llovessonngs single/EP
Bogdan Raczynski Boku Mo Wakaran full-length
Bogdan Raczynski Samurai Math Beats full-length
Bonnevill Travels in Constants Vol. 2 single/EP
Bonnie "Prince" Billy Dream of a Drunk Black Southern Eagle single/EP
Bonnie "Prince" Billy I See a Darkness full-length
Bonnie "Prince" Billy Let's Start A Family / A Whorehouse Is Any House single/EP
Botch We Are The Romans full-length
Bowery Electric Freedom Fighter single/EP
Bows Blush full-length
Bows Brittanica single/EP
Boxhead Ensemble Niagra Falls single/EP
Brendan Perry Eye of the Hunter full-length
Bright Eyes Every Day and Every Night full-length
Broadcast Echo's Answer single/EP
Brokeback Field Recordings from the Cook County Water Table full-length
Brume Krieg full-length
Buckethead Monsters and Robots full-length
Burnt Friedman & the Nu Dub Players Don't Legalize It single/EP
Buttercup Promises single/EP
By Water Travels In Constants (Vol. 1) single/EP
Cable Gutter Queen full-length
Calexico 98 - 99 Road Map full-length
Can Box boxed set
Can Music (Live 1971-1977) full-length
Carl Cox Phuture 2000 full-length
Carla Subito Characters Of Seduction full-length
Cathars Amorpheus full-length
Cathode Sleeping + Breathing full-length
Cave In Creative Eclipses single/EP
Cave In Until Your Heart Stops full-length
Cave-In / Botch In These Black Days Volume 5 single/EP
Cerberus Shoal Homb full-length
Cex vs. Colongib Shift-Minus Vol. 1 single/EP
Chappaquiddick Skyline Chappaquiddick Skyline full-length
Charalambides Internal Eternal full-length
Charlene Taking a Dive / Blackout single/EP
Charles Atlas Two More Hours single/EP
Chasm / Bannlist Split Series #5 single/EP
Chicago Underground Trio Possible Cube full-length
Choukoku No Niwa / Boris More Echoes, Touching Air Landscape single/ep
Chris & Cosey Union full-length
Chris Carter Small Moon full-length
Clan of Xymox Creatures full-length
Coalesce There Is Nothing New Under The Sun full-length
Cocteau Twins BBC Sessions full-length
CoH Grain single/ep
CoH Into Memories Of S-Tone. For Gavin Bryars single/EP
Coil Astral Disaster full-length
Coil Musick to Play in the Dark volume 1 full-length
Coil Winter Solstice: North single/EP
Colin Newman / Malka Spiegel Live full-length
Color Filter Remix full-length
Computer Cougar Computer Cougar single/EP
Couch Fantasy full-length
Coн Vox Tinnitus single/EP
CPUWAR vs. Pisstank Kool Pop Trash Series Vol. 1 full-length
Crispy Ambulance The Plateau Phase full-length
Cuba Leap of Faith full-length
Cubismo Grafico Tout! full-length
Cul de Sac Crashes To Light, Minutes To Its Fall full-length
Current 93 All Dolled Up Like Christ full-length
Current 93 Calling for Vanished Faces full-length
Current 93 Misery Farm single/EP
Current 93 / Michael Cashmore / Christoph Heemann Untitled full-length
Cyclobe Luminous Darkness full-length
Cylob Living in the 1980s single/EP
Daddylonglegs Horse full-length
Dafeldecker / Kurzmann / Fennesz / O'Rourke / Drumm / Siewert Dafeldecker / Kurzmann / Fennesz / O'Rourke / Drumm / Siewert full-length
Damien Jurado Rehearsals for Departure full-length
Danny Cohen Museum Of Dannys full-length
DAT Politics Tracto Flirt full-length
Datach'i 10110101 (rec+play) full-length
David Grubbs & Mats Gustafsson Apertura full-length
David Jackman Sol Mara full-length
David Kristian Room Tone full-length
David Kristian Sawdust, Sinedust, Squaredust full-length
David Kristian Woodworking - Cricklewood Remixes full-length
Davka Judith full-length
Death Ambient Syn?sthesia full-length
Death In June Operation Hummingbird full-length
Deerhoof Holdypaws full-length
Delarosa and Asora Crush The Sight-Seers single/EP
Der Blutharsch/Deutsch Nepal Apocalyptic Climax II single/EP
Deutsch Nepal Erosion full-length
Dif Juz Soundpool full-length
Dion McGregor Dreams Again full-length
DJ Krush Kakusei full-length
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist Brainfreeze full-length
DJ Tron Chrome Padded Cell full-length
DNA Le Draw D-Kee DNA Le Draw D-Kee full-length
Doldrums Desk Trickery full-length
Dome Yclept full-length
Don Caballero Singles Breaking Up (Vol. 1) full-length
Dopplereffekt Gesamtkunstwerk full-length
Dot Allison Close Your Eyes single/EP
Dot Allison Colour Me / Tomorrow Never Comes... single/EP
Drona Parva Travels in Constants (Vol. 4) single/EP
Dust Brothers Fight Club (Original Motion Picture Score) full-length
Duster 1975 full-length
Dwarves Thank Heaven for Little Girls / Sugarfix full-length
Eardrum Last Light full-length
Eardrum Last Light full-length
East River Pipe The Gasoline Age full-length
Echoboy Echoboy full-length
Echoboy Scene 30 single/EP
Edward Ka-Spel Share the Day / Dream Stealer single/EP
Einstürzende Neubauten Total Eclipse of the Sun single/EP
Electric Company Omakase full-length
Elizabeth Mitchell You Are My Flower full-length
Elph Zw?lf single/EP
Emperor Penguin Shatter The Illusion Of Integrity, Yeah full-length
Ester Brinkmann |||||.|.... single/EP
étant Donnés With Michael Gira Offenbarung Und Untergang By Georg Trakl full-length
Evol Principio single/EP
Fall Of Because Life Is Easy full-length
Fantastic Plastic Machine International Standard single/EP
Fantastic Plastic Machine Luxury full-length
Fant?mas Fant?mas full-length
Farmers Manual No Backup full-length
Faultline Closer Colder full-length
Faust Ravvivando full-length
Fennesz plus forty seven degrees 56' 37" minus sixteen degrees 51' 08" full-length
Fennesz / Zeitblom / Rantasa Music For An Isolation Tank full-length
Fire Escape Abandon Head full-length
Five Style Miniature Portraits full-length
Five Way Mirror Transcendence full-length
Fluxion Vibrant Forms full-length
Fly Pan Am Fly Pan Am full-length
Four Tet Dialogue full-length
Four Tet Glasshead/Calamine single/EP
Four Tet Misnomer single/EP
Four Tet / Rothko Rivers Become Oceans single/EP
Freakwater End Time full-length
Freakwater Hellbound single/EP
Friction (5) Zone Tripper full-length
Frontlne Assembly Fatalist single/EP
Future Pilot A.K.A. A Galaxy of Sound full-length
Füxa Techno Light single/EP
Gary Numan New Dreams for Old 84:98 full-length
Gary Numan Strange Charm full-length
Gerry Hemingway Chamber Works full-length
Ghost Snuffbox Immanence full-length
Ghost Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet full-length
Gila Night Works full-length
Giustino Di Gregorio Sprut full-length
Glenn Spearman Blues For Falasha full-length
Godflesh Us and Them full-length
godspeed you black emperor! slow riot for the new zero kanada single/EP
Goem Dertig CM full-length
Goodiepal Demonbag #W8N single/EP
Goodiepal Goodiebag #1JT single/EP
Goodiepal Goodiebag #G4P single/EP
Goodiepal / Steuea Goodiebag #1FI single/EP
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Spanish Dance Troupe full-length
Graham Bowers Pilgrim full-length
Grandaddy The Broken Down Comforter Collection full-length
Greater Than One Bloodstream / Airstream single/EP
Guru Guru Hinten full-length
GusGus Ladyshave single/EP
GusGus Starlovers single/EP
GusGus This is Normal full-length
GusGus VIP single/EP
Hallucinator Landlocked full-length
Handsome Boy Modeling School So, How's Your Girl? full-length
Hanin Elias In Flames (1995 - 1999) full-length
Hash Jar Tempo Under Glass full-length
Headcase Mushiness full-length
Hecate Negative World Status single/EP
Hefner The Fidelity Wars full-length
Hefner The Hymn for the Cigarettes single/EP
Helios Creed Colors Of Light full-length
Her Space Holiday The Astronauts are Sleeping Volume 1 single/EP
Her Space Holiday The Astronauts are Sleeping Volume 2 single/EP
Herrmann & Kleine Transalpin single/EP
Him Sworn Eyes full-length
His Name Is Alive Always Stay Sweet full-length
Holly Golightly Listen full-length
Hood The Cycle of Days and Seasons full-length
Howard Stelzer Instant Nostalgia full-length
Howie B Snatch full-length
Hox It-Ness full-length
Hrvatski Oiseaux 96-98 full-length
I Am Spoonbender Plastic Lips single/EP
I Am Spoonbender Teletwin single/EP
Ian Simmonds Last States Of Nature full-length
Ice Wrapped In Three Dimensions single/EP
Icebreaker Distant Early Warning full-length
Ilium Paint By Numbers single/EP
Ilpo V?is?nen Untitled single/EP
Immersion Low Impact full-length
Immortal At the Heart of Winter full-length
In The Nursery Man With A Movie Camera full-length
Interzone Orchestra Programmed full-length
Irr.App.(Ext.) Foreign Matter, Nor Frequency Carrier full-length
Irr.App.(Ext.) Their Little Bones... full-length
Isan Dampen single/EP
Isan Parochi / A Gentle Man single/EP
Isan Salamander full-length
Isis Sawblade single/EP
Isis The Red Sea single/EP
Isotope 217o Mixed single/EP
Isotope 217o Utonian_Automatic full-length
Jake Mandell Placekick single/EP
James Plotkin / Brent Gutzeit Mosquito Dream full-length
Jandek The Beginning full-length
Janek Schaefer Out full-length
Jeff Mueller Fold and Perish full-length
Jerry Hunt Song Drapes full-length
Jessica Bailiff Hour of the Trace full-length
Jessica Bailiff Warren/Helpless single/EP
Jim O'Rourke Eureka full-length
Jim O'Rourke Halfway to a Threeway single/EP
Jimi Tenor Organism full-length
Jimmy Scott Holding Back the Years full-length
John Duncan The Crucible full-length
John Prine In Spite of Ourselves full-length
John Zorn Godard / Spillane full-length
John Zorn Music Romance Volume Two: Taboo And Exile full-length
John Zorn The String Quartets full-length
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Heavy single/EP
Jonathan Coleclough Windlass full-length
Joseph Arthur Vacancy single/EP
June of '44 Anahata full-length
June of '44 In the Fishtank 6 single/EP
Kammerflimmer Kollektief Incommunicado full-length
Karlheinz Stockhausen / Arditti String Quartet Helikopter-Quartett full-length
Keith Fullerton Whitman 21:30 For Acoustic Guitar single/EP
Khan 1-900-GET-KHAN full-length
Khan Blue Pool full-length
Khan Passport full-length
Kid606 Dubplatestyle single/EP
Kid606 / Pisstank Boy On Boy single/EP
Kid606 vs. Chris Coady Shift-Minus vol. 3 single/EP
Kill Switch...Klick Organica full-length
Kilowatthours All Things Regarding single/EP
King Crimson Deception of Thrush full-length
King Crimson Projeckts boxed set
King Kooba Enter The Throneroom full-length
Kit Clayton Live On Shortwave Radio full-length
Kit Clayton Nek Purpalet single/EP
Kit Clayton Nek Sanalet full-length
KMFDM Adios full-length
K?hn (K?hn)2 full-length
Komet Manhatten single/EP
Korekyojin* Korekyojin full-length
Korla Pandit Remembering full-length
Kreidler Coldness Remixed single/EP
Kreidler Mort Aux Vaches full-length
Kriedler Mort Aux Vaches full-length
Kristin Hersh Echo single/EP
Kristin Hersh Sky Motel full-length
Ku-Ling Bros Creach full-length
Labradford E Luxo So full-length
Ladytron He Took Her To a Movie single/EP
Ladytron Miss Black And Her Friends single/EP
Lakuna Castle of Crime full-length
Lali Puna Tridecoder full-length
Landing Centrefuge single/EP
Landing Sonar single/EP
Laub Intuition full-length
Laub Unter Anderen Bedingunen Als Liebe full-length
Le Tigre Le Tigre full-length
Lee Hyla Riff And Transfiguration full-length
Legion of Green Men Floating in Shallow Water full-length
Lemon Jelly The Yellow EP single/EP
Lida Husik Mad Flavor full-length
Limpe Fuchs Nur Mar Mus full-length
Lisa Germano Excerpts from a Love Circus and Small Heads E.P. full-length
Lisa Germano Happiness full-length
Lobe Hibernation full-length
Loftus Loftus full-length
Loopdrop / Azusa Plane Siempre Azul / United States Investment In Other Countries single/EP
Looper Up a Tree full-length
Loren Boyer Des Parasites Risquent de se Produire full-length
Loren Mazzacane Connors Airs full-length
Loren Mazzacane Connors Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations Vol. 1-9 1979-1980 boxed set
Loren Mazzacane Connors & Jim O'Rourke In Bern full-length
Low Christmas full-length
Low Immune / I Remember single/EP
Low Secret Name full-length
Luke Slater Wireless full-length
Lusine Coded single/EP
Lustmord The Monsterous Soul full-length
Macha See It Another Way full-length
Major Force West 93-97 full-length
Man Or Astro-Man? Eeviac: Operational Index And Reference Guide, Including Other Modern Computational Devices full-length
Mapstation Mapstation single/EP
Marc Almond Open All Night full-length
Marc Almond Tragedy single/EP
Marc Ribot Yo! I Killed Your God full-length
Mark De Gli Antoni Horse Tricks full-length
Mark Lanegan I'll Take Care of You full-length
Marty Ehrlich's Dark Woods Ensemble Sojourn full-length
Marumari Ballad of the Round Ball full-length
Masada Live In Jerusalem 1994 full-length
Masada Live In Middelheim 1999 full-length
Masada Live In Taipei 1995 full-length
Material Intonarumori full-length
Matmos The West full-length
Matthew Shipp Duo DNA full-length
Mazarin Wheats single/EP
Meg Lee Chin Piece & Love full-length
Mekons I Have Been To Heaven And Back: Hen's Teeth And Other Lost Fragments Of Unpopular Culture Vol. 1 full-length
Mekons Where Were You? Hen's Teeth And Other Lost Fragments Of Unpopular Culture Vol. 2 full-length
Melt Banana MxBx 1998/13000 Miles At Light Velocity full-length
Melvins The Bootlicker full-length
Melvins The Maggot full-length
Merzbo Door Open at 8 AM full-length
Merzbow Machinenstil full-length
MF Doom Operation: Doomsday full-length
Mice Parade Ramda full-length
Michael Wells Presents S.O.L.O. Abracadabra single/EP
Michael Wells Presents S.O.L.O. Out is In full-length
Michiko Kusaki Re:Kusaki full-length
Mick Turner Marlan Rosa full-length
Microcosmos (2) Pilgrimage full-length
Mika Vainio Untitled single/EP
Mika Vainio Ydin full-length
Mimir Mimyriad full-length
Mirror Eye Of The Storm full-length
Mirror Ringstones full-length
Modest Mouse Building Nothing Out Of Something full-length
Modest Mouse Heart Cooks Brain / Shit Luck single/EP
Mogwai Come on Die Young full-length
Mogwai EP single/EP
Molasses You'll Never Be Well No More full-length
Momus Stars Forever full-length
Monaural Monitor Interference full-length
Monks Five Upstart Americans full-length
Monolake Gobi. The Desert single/EP
Monolake Interstate full-length
Mos Def Black on Both Sides full-length
Motor Humming Musical Aluminum full-length
Mount Florida Stealth single/EP
Mouse On Mars Diskdusk single/EP
Mouse On Mars Distroia single/EP
Mouse On Mars Niun Niggung full-length
Mouse On Mars Pickly Dred Rhizzoms single/EP
Moviola The Durable Dream full-length
Mr. Oizo Analog Worms Attack full-length
Mr. Oizo Flat Beat single/EP
Mucho Macho The Limehouse Link full-length
Muslimgauze Azad full-length
Muslimgauze Box of Silk and Dogs boxed set
Muslimgauze Fakir Sind full-length
Muslimgauze Hand of Fatima full-length
Muslimgauze Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass full-length
Muslimgauze Lo-Fi India Abuse full-length
Muslimgauze Port Said single/EP
Muslimgauze Speaking With Hamas full-length
Muslimgauze The Unfinished Mosque single/EP
μ-Ziq Royal Astronomy full-length
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Dirty Little Secrets: Music To Strip By full-length
Nachtstrom 17 Songs After Midnight full-length
Napalm Death Leaders Not Followers single/EP
Natacha Atlas One Brief Moment single/EP
Neil Hamburger Left for Dead In Malaysia full-length
Neina Formed Verse full-length
Nerves New Animal full-length
Neurosis Times of Grace full-length
Neurosis / Soilent Green In These Black Days: A Tribute To Black Sabbath Volume No. Six single/EP
Nightmares on Wax Carboot Soul full-length
Nightmares on Wax Finer single/EP
Nobukazu Takemura Meteor single/EP
Nobukazu Takemura Scope full-length
Non Receive The Flame full-length
Nosei Sakata and Richard Chartier 0/r full-length
Nurse With Wound An Awkward Pause full-length
O.S.T. Death Notice full-length
Ocsid In Between full-length
Octant Shock-No-Par full-length
Omni Trio Byte Size Life full-length
Oneida / Songs: Ohia Fat Bobby's Black Thumb / Journey On single/EP
Ora Distances full-length
Ora New Movements In G full-length
Ora Radio Daze full-length
Orbitronik My Computer My Stereo full-length
Oren Ambarchi Insulation full-length
Organum Birds' Wings Were Glued to Their Bodies and Their Feet Froze to the Ground full-length
Otomo Yoshihide Cathode full-length
Oval Aero Deko USA single/EP
Oval Szenario USA single/EP
Oval Szenariodisk single/EP
Ovuca Lactavent full-length
P.S. I Love You Liberty Or Death full-length
P.S. I Love You Where On Earth Is Kevin Shields? single/EP
P?A?L Release full-length
Pan Sonic A full-length
Pan Sonic B single/EP
Pan Sonic X full-length
Pan Sonic/Hayley Newman/David Crawforth Rude Mechanic full-length
Pan?American 360 business/360 bypass full-length
Pan?American Quarry single/EP
Pantaleimon Trees Hold Time full-length
Papa M Live from a Shark Cage full-length
Papa M Travels In Constants (Vol. 5) single/EP
Papa M Up North Kids No. 2/She Said Yes single/EP
Paul Newman Twistworthy Number Seven single/EP
Pavement Major Leagues single/EP
Pavement Spit on a Stranger full-length
Pavement Terror Twilight full-length
Peace Orchestra Peace Orchestra full-length
Pele Elephant full-length
People Like Us Hate People Like Us full-length
Per H?ier / Goodiepal / Hestedoktoren Goodiebag #1PH single/EP
Per H?ier / Tordis Berstrand / Alejandra and Underwood Goodiebag #1KY single/EP
Pere Ubu Dub Housing full-length
Pere Ubu New Picnic Time full-length
Peter Benisch Waiting For Snow full-length
Philosopher's Stone Apparatus full-length
Phoenecia Odd Jobs single/EP
Piano Magic Low Birth Weight full-length
Pita Get Out full-length
Pizzicato Five Pizzicato Five? full-length
Pizzicato Five Playboy & Playgirl full-length
Plaid Peel Session single/EP
Plaid Rest Proof Clockwork full-length
Plastikman Decks, Efx & 909 full-length
Plateau Space Cake full-length
Plone For Beginner Piano full-length
Pole 2 full-length
Porter Ricks / Techno Animal Symbiotics full-length
Pram Keep In a Dry Place and Away From Children single/EP
Process / DAT Politics Split Series #9 single/EP
Professor Ludlow and Dr. Smith Professors Saying Raas single/EP
Psamim Abi Gezint! full-length
Psyche Insomnia Theatre full-length
Psychic TV "Origin Of The Species" Volume Too! A Second Supply Of Two Tablets Of Acid full-length
Psychic TV Best Ov: Time's Up full-length
Pure The End of Vinyl single/EP
Purple Trap Decided ... Already The Motionless Heart Of Tranquility, Tangling The Prayer Called "I" full-length
Quasi Field Studies full-length
Quoit Lounge full-length
Qwerty I Dolori Del Giovane Qwerther full-length
Rachel's Selenography full-length
Randolph Carter (title withheld) full-length
Raz Ohara Realtime Voyeur full-length
Red House Painters Retrospective full-length
Red Morning Chorus Red Morning Chorus full-length
Red Stars Theory Life in a Bubble Can Be Beautiful full-length
Retsin Your Own Bar single/EP
Rex / Songs: Ohia Untitled / How to be Perfect single/EP
Rhys Chatham Hard Edge full-length
Richard H. Kirk Darkness at Noon single/EP
Richie Hawtin Minus Orange single/EP
Rick Rizzo & Tara Key Dark Edson Tiger full-length
Robert Wyatt EPs boxed set
Robin Storey/Nigel Ayers Perfidious Albion full-length
Roger Eno & Lol Hammond Damage full-length
Rollerball Einaugige Kirsche single/EP
Ronnie Spector She Talks To Rainbows single/EP
Rothko A Negative for Francis full-length
Rothko Truth Burns single/EP
Roy Montgomery 324 E. 13th Street #7 full-length
Roy Montgomery / Chris Heaphy TRUE full-length
Royal Trux Veterans of Disorder full-length
Russell Mills / Undark Pearl + Umbra full-length
Ryoji Ikeda 99 (1999) :: Variations For Modulated 440Hz Sinewaves :: single/EP
Ryoji Ikeda Mort Aux Vaches full-length
Ryuichi Sakamoto Discord (Gütninja Remixes) full-length
Saint Etienne Places To Visit single/EP
Saint Etienne The Misadventures Of Saint Etienne full-length
Saint Etienne / Fugu Saturday / F32 single/EP
Sally Doherty Empire Of Death full-length
Sam Prekop Sam Prekop full-length
Satoko Fujii Kitsune-bi full-length
Scanner Lauwarm instrumentals full-length
Scanner Untitled single/EP
Schizotrope Le Plan full-length
Scorn Anamnesis full-length
Sebadoh It's All You single/EP
Sebadoh The Sebadoh full-length
Section 25 Love And Hate (In The English Countryside) full-length
Senking Untitled single/EP
Se?or Coconut Y Su Conjunto El Baile Alemán full-length
Sergius Golowin Lord Krishna Von Goloka full-length
Sevenday Curse After the Storm full-length
Shannon Wright Flight Safety full-length
Shifts Mechanica full-length
Sieben Forbid The Sun's Escape full-length
Sigur Rós ág?tis Byrjun full-length
Sigur Rós Svefn-G-Englar single/EP
Silo Templates / Stage Of Development single/EP
Six Organs Of Admittance Dust & Chimes full-length
Six Organs Of Admittance Six Organs Of Admittance full-length
Skinny Puppy The B Sides Collect full-length
Skinny Puppy The Singles Collect full-length
Skylab #2 (Large As Life And Twice As Natural) full-length
Slave One Bantha Trax single/EP
Sleater-Kinney Get Up single/EP
Sleater-Kinney The Hot Rock full-length
Slotek Hydrophonic full-length
Small Fish With Spine Ultimate Sushi single/ep
Smog Knock Knock full-length
Smog Look Now single/EP
SND Makesnd Cassette full-length
Sneakster Fifty-Fifty EP (remixed by Robin Guthrie) single/EP
Sneakster Pseudo-Nouveau full-length
So Takahashi Nubus full-length
Sofa Surfers Cargo full-length
Sol Invictus In a Garden Green full-length
Solex Pick Up full-length
Solvent Solvently One Listens full-length
Sonar Cosmic Rays full-length
Songs: Ohia 7th Street Wonderland/Darling You Are... single/EP
Songs: Ohia Axxes & Ace full-length
Songs: Ohia The Ghost full-length
Sonic Youth Musical Perspectives 4: Goodbye 20th Century full-length
Sonna / Paul Newman Way To Breathe No Breath single/EP
Sonogram Heartbeat Submarines full-length
Sorrow Sleep Now Forever full-length
Spaceheads Angel Station full-length
Spacetime Continuum Double Fine Zone full-length
Special Forces Something Else single/EP
Spectrum & Silver Apples A Lake of Teardrops single/ep
Spectrum/The Imajinary Friends Interface/Come Out to Play single/ep
Speedranch^Jansky Noise Welcome To Execrate full-length
Spigel*Newman*Colin*Malka Live full-length
Spring Heel Jack The Sound Of Music single/EP
Spring Heel Jack Treader full-length
Squarepusher Budakhan Mindphone single/EP
Squarepusher Maximum Priest single/EP
Squarepusher Selection Sixteen full-length
Squarepusher / Richard Thomas I Am Carnal, And I Know That You Approve single/EP
Stars Of The Lid Avec Laudenum full-length
Stereo Total My Melody full-length
Stereolab Cobra and Phases Group Play "Voltage" in the Milky Night full-length
Stereolab Switched On full-length
Stereolab The Free Design single/EP
Stereolab The Underground Is Coming single/EP
Steuea / Per H?ier / Goodiepal Goodiebag #G1P single/EP
Steven Bernstein Diaspora Soul full-length
SubArachnoid Space and Walking Timebombs Sleeping Sickness full-length
Sue Garner & Rick Brown Still full-length
Sugar Plant Dryfruit full-length
Surgeon Force & Form full-length
Sven Van Hees Gemini full-length
Swans Cop/Young Good/Greed/Holy Money full-length
Swans Public Castration is a Good Idea full-length
Swans Various Failures 1988-1992 full-length
Swell Maps International Rescue full-length
Symptoms Versus / Blind single/EP
Synthemes + Need single/EP
Tactile Borderlands full-length
Tad Oppenheimer's Pretty Nightmare full-length
Takako Minekawa Ximer single/EP
Takeshi Muto Swollen Glance One single/EP
Talk Talk London 1986 full-length
Tangerine Dream Mars Polaris full-length
Tarentel From Bone To Satellite full-length
Tarentel Travels in Constants (Vol. 3) single/EP
Tarentel When We Almost Killed Ourselves single/EP
Tarwater Remix single/EP
Tarwater Silur full-length
Taylor Deupree + Richard Chartier SPEC. full-length
Team Doyobi / REQ Split Series #7 single/EP
Technicolor Bliss Out Vol. 16: Far from Home full-length
The Album Leaf An Orchestrated Rise to Fall full-length
The American Analog Set The Golden Band full-length
The American Analog Set The Only Living Boy Around single/EP
The Angels of Light New Mother full-length
The Angels of Light Praise Your Name full-length
The Apples In Stereo Her Wallpaper Reverie single/EP
The Art Of Noise Metaforce single/EP
The Art Of Noise The Seduction of Claude Debussy full-length
The Birthday Party Live 81-82 full-length
The Black Dog Peel Session single/EP
The Black Heart Procession 2 full-length
The Boy Without Hands The Automated Hygenist single/EP
The Caretaker Selected Memories from the Haunted Ballroom full-length
The Church A Box of Birds full-length
The Church Magician Among the Spirits Plus Some full-length
The Cinematic Orchestra Motion full-length
The Clarke & Ware Experiment Pretentious full-length
The Clientele All the Dust and Glass single/EP
The Clientele I Had To Say This/"Monday's Rain" single/EP
The Clientele Lace Wings/Saturday single/EP
The Creatures Disconnected / Prettiest Thing single/EP
The Creatures Zulu boxed set
The Dark Fantastic The Dark Fantastic full-length
The Dillinger Escape Plan Calculating Infinity full-length
The Dillinger Escape Plan And Drowningman Jim Fear / My First Restraining Order single/EP
The Dismemberment Plan Emergency and I full-length
The Dylan Group Division Long single/EP
The Dylan Group If I Had Been Able single/EP
The Dylan Group More Adventures in Lying Down... full-length
The Faint Blank-Wave Arcade full-length
The Fall The Marshall Suite full-length
The Go-Betweens Bellavista Terrace: Best of the Go-Betweens full-length
The Halifax Pier The Halifax Pier full-length
The Herbaliser Very Mercenary full-length
The Hope Blister Underarms full-length
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Xtra-Acme full-length
The Legendary Pink Dots Live at the Metro full-length
The Legendary Pink Dots Пой Пока Можешь full-length
The Lonesome Organist Cavalcade full-length
The Magnetic Fields 69 Songs About Love full-length
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud Rest On Your Arms Reversed full-length
The National Trust Make It Happen single/EP
The Necks Hanging Gardens full-length
The Necks Hanging Gardens full-length
The New Deal This Is Live full-length
The Olivia Tremor Control Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume One full-length
The Prima Donnas Headful of Pills single/EP
The Rapture Mirror full-length
The Red Krayola Fingerpainting full-length
The Remote Viewer The Remote Viewer LP full-length
The Scratch Orchestra London, 1969 single/EP
The Sea and Cake / John McEntire Window Lights / Setup For Bed single/EP
The Slits The Peel Sessions full-length
The Sound Propaganda full-length
The Sun Ra Arkestra A Song For The Sun full-length
The Third Eye Foundation In Bristol with a Pistol single/EP
The Vandermark 5 Sympatico full-length
The Wedding Present Singles 1989-1991 full-length
The Wedding Present Singles 1995-97 full-length
Thee Majesty Time's Up full-length
Thermal + Seofon A Monument of Chance full-length
Thomas Dimuzio / Chris Cutler Quake full-length
Thomas P. Heckmann Raum full-length
Thread In Sweet Sorrow single/EP
Three 6 Mafia Underground Vol. 1: (1991–1994) full-length
Thrones White Rabbit single/EP
Tied & Tickled Trio EA1 EA2 full-length
Tim Sparks Neshamah full-length
Tino Tino's Breaks Volume 3: Christmas single/EP
Tino Tino's Breaks Volume 4: Mambo single/EP
Tleilaxu Genetherapy full-length
To Rococo Rot Cars single/EP
To Rococo Rot Telema single/EP
To Rococo Rot The Amateur View full-length
Tocotronic K.O.O.K. full-length
Tom Waits Mule Variations full-length
Tom Zé Postmodern Platos Remixes single/EP
Tor Lundvall Ice full-length
Tortoise + The Ex In The Fishtank Vol. 5 single/EP
Toshinori Kondo, Eraldo Bernocchi, Bill Laswell Charged full-length
Trans Am Futureworld full-length
Trans Am Who Do We Think You Are? single/EP
Tricolor Mirth + Feckless full-length
Tristeza Spine and Sensory full-length
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System Dub Plates Volume Two full-length
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System Horsie full-length
Ui The Iron Apple single/EP
Ulver Metamorphosis single/ep
Unwound A Single History full-length
US Maple Talker full-length
V/Vm Pig single/EP
Vidna Obmana/Asmus Tietchens Motives for Recycling full-length
Vladislav Delay Ele full-length
VNV Nation Praise the Fallen full-length
Volcano the Bear The Inhazer Decline full-length
Volcano the Bear Volwheat full-length
Volcano the Bear Yak Folks Y'Are full-length
Wadada Leo Smith Light Upon Light full-length
Wang Inc. Untitled single/EP
Wesley Willis Greatest Hits Vol. 2 full-length
Wesley Willis Rush Hour full-length
Wharton Tiers Ensemble Twilight of the Computer Age full-length
Wheat Hope and Adams full-length
While Lock full-length
Will Oldham Ode Music full-length
Windsor for the Derby Difference and Repetition full-length
Windsor For The Derby Now I Know the Sea... single/EP
Windy & Carl A Dream Of Blue single/EP
Wino Dutch Oven single/EP
Wolfgang Voigt 20 Minuten Gas Im November single/EP
Woodbine Woodbine full-length
Xhol Motherfuckers GmbH & Co KG full-length
XTC Apple Venus Volume 1 full-length
XTC Easter Theatre single/EP
Yagi Michiyo* Shizuku full-length
Yellow6 Icanhearthemusicallaroundme single/EP
Yume Bitsu Yume Bitsu full-length
Z'EV Face the Wound full-length
Zeena Parkins Pan-Acousticon full-length
[V/A] A Cat Shaped Hole Inside My Heart full-length
[V/A] Absolute Giganten Soundtrack full-length
[V/A] Across Uneven Terrain full-length
[V/A] Adrian Sherwood Presents The Master Recordings Volume 2 full-length
[V/A] Arctic Circles 2 full-length
[V/A] Assorted Pieces single/EP
[V/A] AuralOffalWaffle TenPintsOfBitterAnd ABagOfPorkScratchings full-length
[V/A] Badaboom Gramophone #4 full-length
[V/A] Between Sun & Moon full-length
[V/A] Childisc Vol.3 児童音楽 full-length
[V/A] Coalescence full-length
[V/A] Convergence: Where Live Meets Electronic full-length
[V/A] Day Dreaming: Bedroom Ambience 2 full-length
[V/A] Deconstructing Beck full-length
[V/A] Drinking from Puddles full-length
[V/A] Enchanted 01 full-length
[V/A] End ID full-length
[V/A] Enter the Monkey full-length
[V/A] Estheticks of Cruelty full-length
[V/A] Everything is Nice - The Matador 10th Anniversary full-length
[V/A] Extracted Celluloid full-length
[V/A] Fabulous Shit full-length
[V/A] Four Ways Of Saying H?O full-length
[V/A] Freischwimmer full-length
[V/A] From Brussels With Love full-length
[V/A] Hallelujah, Anyway- Remembering Tom Cora full-length
[V/A] I'm So Bored with the USA #2 single/EP
[V/A] Ischemic Folks full-length
[V/A] Knitting On the Roof full-length
[V/A] Knots full-length
[V/A] Louisville Sonic Imprint Vol. 1 full-length
[V/A] Loved Stolen and Deconstructed full-length
[V/A] Mask of the People full-length
[V/A] Metal is a Tough Business full-length
[V/A] Modulation & Transformation 4 full-length
[V/A] Music for Listening To full-length
[V/A] NiteMareSloMotion full-length
[V/A] Noise Kills Punk Dead full-length
[V/A] Om Lounge 2 full-length
[V/A] On the Cam full-length
[V/A] On-U Sound Box boxed set
[V/A] Osmosis full-length
[V/A] Otter Than July full-length
[V/A] Penguin Mechanics Vol III full-length
[V/A] π Music For The Motion Picture full-length
[V/A] Points In Time 001 full-length
[V/A] Points In Time 002 full-length
[V/A] Points In Time 003 full-length
[V/A] Ricci's Pieces full-length
[V/A] Rude Mechanic full-length
[V/A] Science in the Shape of Birds full-length
[V/A] Shanti Projet Collection full-length
[V/A] Splendor - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack full-length
[V/A] Sub Rosa vs. Kompakt full-length
[V/A] Tamizdat Comp Vol. 1 full-length
[V/A] Teknoir full-length
[V/A] The Carve-Up full-length
[V/A] The Colour Of Your Dreams (A Collection Of Music To Lounge To) full-length
[V/A] The Final Solstice full-length
[V/A] The Ghost Orchid: An Introduction to EVP full-length
[V/A] The Swinging Reflective - Favourite Moments of Mutual Ecstasy full-length
[V/A] The Tell Tale Signs of Earworm full-length
[V/A] The Wire Tapper 3 full-length
[V/A] The Wire Tapper 4 full-length
[V/A] Time : Space full-length
[V/A] Tonal Evicence 1999 full-length
[V/A] Total 1 full-length
[V/A] Trojan Instrumentals Box boxed set
[V/A] Trojan Singles boxed set
[V/A] Virgin Voices Vol. 1 full-length
[V/A] Warp10+1 Influences full-length
[V/A] Warp10+2 Classics 89-92 full-length
[V/A] Warp10+3 Remixes full-length
[V/A] We Are Now Flying @ 10,000 Feet full-length
[V/A] What's the World Vol. 1 full-length
[V/A] Will Our Children Thank Us full-length
[V/A] Wrong Application full-length
[V/A] X-Ray Music: A Blood And Fire Dub Directory full-length

Review The Winners Circle:
no deposit bonus codes australia2018: Low, "Double Negative" (Sub Pop)
no deposit bonus codes australia2017: Slowdive, "Slowdive" (Dead Oceans)
no deposit bonus codes australia2016: Swans, "The Glowing Man" (Young God)
2015: Carter Tutti Void, "f(x)" (Industrial)
2014: Swans, "To Be Kind" (Young God)
2013: Tim Hecker, "Virgins" (Kranky)
2012: Swans, "The Seer" (Young God)
2011: Tim Hecker, "Ravedeath, 1972" (Kranky)
2010: Swans, "My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope to the Sky" (Young God)
2009: Sunn O))), "Monoliths & Dimensions" (Southern Lord)
2008: Matmos, "Supreme Balloon" (Matador)
2007: Stars of the Lid, "And Their Refinement of the Decline" (Kranky)
2006: Current 93, "Black Ships Ate The Sky" (Durtro/Jnana)
2005: Coil, "The Ape of Naples" (Threshold House)
2004: Fennesz, "Venice" (Mego)
2003: Mogwai, "Happy Songs For Happy People" (Matador)
2002: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, "Yanqui U.X.O." (Constellation)
2001: Low, "Things We Lost in the Fire" (Kranky)
2000: godspeed you black emperor!, "Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven" (Kranky)
1998 Tortoise, "TNT" (Thrill Jockey) [original] Coil, "Time Machines" (Eskaton) [recount]
no deposit bonus codes australia Godspeed You Black Emperor!, "F# A# ∞"
1996: Swans, "Soundtracks for the Blind" (Young God)